All About Aotearoa Web

Proud to assist businesses to achieve their goals, we use an honest approach to web design.

Aotearoa Web ensure your needs are at the heart of what we do.

Our Mission

Helping Our Clients Reach Their Goals

Our mission is to help businesses grow through the following:

Designing websites that best represent clients' brands and identity;

Creating meaningful and engaging content that effectively describes products and services;

Building Google-friendly websites that rank in the search results, and generate leads.

Supporting Aotearoa businesses through affordable and great quality website design and development.

Whether you are just starting out or are looking to give your current website a fresh look, we would be delighted to support by building a website for your Aotearoa Website.

Our passion is simple, we believe that web design should be affordable and possible for all. With our WAAS (Website as a Service), we aim to support and help New Zealand businesses grow with (we believe) the only company offering, no cost web design & Business In a Box solutions.

Our Goal Is To Offer

Best In Class, Affordable Website Design

Our goal is to offer the best in class web design and development services across Aotearoa. Based here in Whangarei, Northland we provide Web Design services across New Zealand. Aotearoa is our home, and we are determined to ensure that all businesses can thrive.

Our goal is to:

Support All

Business To Achieve

Their End Goal

Promise Not To

Baffle With Pointless

Words And Jargon

Support Our Team

And The Communities In Which We All Live

Work With Groups And Charities Which Add Make A Meaningful Difference

Take The Time To Understand Client Needs And Propose The Best Solution

Be Approachable,

Friendly And Honest

In Our Dealings

Our Commitment To You

We Treat Every Web Design Client Like Family

Business in personal. And good web design is vital to growing your business here in Aotearoa. Cheap web design typically costs businesses in the long run with a lack of leads or sales, or poor design turning away clients. We have resolved these issues, by taking all the benefits of Do-It-Yourself web design, so that you can access and update 24/7 on a Website As A Service Solution, however have the customisation done for you - Including at No Cost!



Focus On Deliverability

Join Others Who Have Entrusted Us To Deliver

Web Design Should Get People Talking About Your Brand

With our Web Design Services starting at just $39 per month (paid annually) There really is nothing stopping you from getting online. Whatsmore, the website is customised into your branding, leaving you to just add your images and wording.

Alternatively, we can setup your website tweaking it to reflect your needs for a small fee, or go all out, including writing the wording, sourcing stock images and our most comprehensive website design, giving you a truly unique look.

We are all about growing businesses and sales through Web Design, and getting Aotearoa businesses online.

Super-Fast & Reliable Hosting with No Setup Fees

01. Unlimited Traffic

Yep, you've read that correctly - unlimited traffic. So no matter how many customers you have you wont hit a 'limit'.

04. Unlimited Storage

No matter how much your website grows, it doesn't matter. Our hosting grows and expands with you.

05. Automatic Backups

Automatic backups to ensure your site can be restored. Automatic backups for 7days.

02. Global CDN

A CDN is a content delivery network. Simply put it allows your website to load with lightning fast speed (keeping Google v happy!)

03. SSL Certificate

That padlock in your browser is a must. Keep your site secure. Without it, it wont be indexed and instead will be blocked by browsers.

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